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by chadhooper on December 29, 2011

My Attraction Formula Review: The Truth About Paul Janka

paul janka author of the attraction formula

Paul in action...

I’m gonna assume that you have already heard a bit about Paul Janka, and are reading this because you’re curious about Paul’s Attraction Formula.

This book is really quite different then any of the other pua books that I’ve talked about on this site, and I thought it was about time that I wrote up an official review.

Many guys have written in asking me is Paul Janka’s Attraction Formula legit. And I think that this review should answer that question once and for all.

So, the short answer is, “yes” it’s legit as hell and Paul is one of the “realest” PUA that I’ve ever seen. If you have yet to see this dude in action, I posted a video down below so you can scroll down and watch it if you want.


But back to the Attraction Formula itself… I’m going to list some pros and cons to share my personal opinions.

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Attraction Formula Pros:

  • Paul doesn’t make a lot of stupid gimmicky promises about what you will learn if you get his program. It’s all served to you straight and without fluff. This is a plus for me.
  • Paul’s method is simple enough and doesn’t include all the goofy pick up artist nonsense that you get from a lot of the other big time pick up companies.
  • You learn how to stop women on the street and get them attracted to you within seconds… Which is pretty much every guys dream.
  • Paul’s method works fast and if done properly can lead to intimacy the same day that you pick up the chick… Big points for that.
  • He teaches you how to get over any fear that you might still have about women. You don’t need to read a whole other book on that. After reading what Paul had to say about this, I now feel like a jerk anytime I don’t approach a woman I want. (And that’s a good thing)
  • No bonuses. Yep, I’m putting that as a plus. The reason is that I am sick of getting a bunch of stupid ass bonuses that i don’t even want. If the main book isn’t good enough then you can’t fix it just by adding bonuses.
  • In addition to teaching you how to pick up girls like a baller, Paul also gets into some interesting topics taht you don’t really hear any of the pick up guys saying anything about. He talks about getting into relationships with the girls you want, What to talk about when you are out on dates, and he even talks about how to reschedule a date with a chick who is on the rag! LOL Pauly is the man that part was funny.
  • Good fashion advice too…
  • A trusted source. nobody is questioning the fact that Janka has impressive skills.

Attraction Formula Cons:

  • If you are a legitimately ugly dude then this probably isn’t the best thing for you. The thing is that this requires a pretty direct approach, and if you are scary looking then you might not get a good response.
  • There’s no video breakdown of Paul’s approaches. So if you prefer audio/video learning, you won’t get any of that in here.

Who is the Attraction Formula good for?

If you’re at least average in the looks department then this should work. If you are a good looking dude but you are still not seeing the kinds of results that you want, then this might be the perfect thing. This is basically how all of the “natural born player” guys I know pick up chicks.

In conclusion, it’s straight forward and works better for me that that complicated PUA shit!

You can see more from Paul and get his book through the link below

>>> Click Here To Go To The Official Attraction Formula Website

Here’s that video:


The Attraction Formula by Paul Janka

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