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by chadhooper on February 19, 2012

DayGame Blueprint Review - Yad In Action

Here's Yad from the DayGame Blueprint in action...

Do you like picking up girls during the daytime? Well the dudes over at sure do, in fact they like it so much that they made a whole training program about it called The “Daygame Blueprint” … It’s having it’s general release today, so I got early access to it watched about 1/2 the videos (There’s a TON to watch)… And I wanted to write you up a quick Daygame Blueprint review for ya!

I’m going to tell you all about the various aspects of program, and share my honest thoughts with you.

This is a review – Click Here for the official Daygame Blueprint website…  

So-  you may be wondering: “who’s and what’s the story with this blueprint of their’s?

Well, is a newer pick up coaching company from England made up of two guys Andy Yosha and Yad. These guys are just crazy about picking up chicks during the day… they just flat out LOVE it!

The reasoning behind “day-game” is that classier more desirable women are walking around during the daytime… As we all know (hopefully) a lot of the women you meet at the bar at 2 am, are not actually the greatest catches! They might look good at the time after a couple hours of drinking, but when you wake up next to them in the morning it’s like “WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!”

Andy and Yad are so fond of day game that they built a whole company around teaching these skills to guys. I was psyched to check out this program because if you have seen these guys at all you can tell that they really care about helping other guys. They aren’t just looking to make a quick buck, they live this stuff and they teach from a place of genuine experience.

DayGame Blueprint Review – Inside The Program…

Once you get access to to the program, you can log in an access everything online. I’ve got to say that visually, this is the best looking program I think I’ve ever seen, the graphics/set up are pretty-sick, and the videos are all super high def HD.

This might not matter to you, but personally it irks me when people don’t put the money/time into having a professional looking/sounding product. I mean I’ve paid $50 for ebooks that look like garbage… so it’s nice to see that they actually put effort in here.

Also it live action video, not some lame PowerPoint presentation, and the women in the videos are actually pretty easy on the eyes, so that never hurts…

But, that being said quality graphics won’t help you with women… So let’s talk content!

What You’ll Learn In Daygame Blueprint:

DayGame Blueprint is well organized into 5 main modules as well as a module of bonus material. I haven’t had a time to really go through the bonus stuff yet, but it looks like it is a actually some quality stuff from other good coaches like David Wygant, Adam Lyons, Scott McKay etc…

The 5 main modules are video footage from a three day seminar/bootcamp on daygame that was taught in England. during this seminar guys were taught how to pick up women during the daytime live in the field by Andy, Yad and their team of trainers.

The seminar was mostly taught by Andy and Yad, but it also features several guest speakers and some of the trainers get on stage to teach and give the bootcamp attendees feedback.

Personally the part that I think will be the most helpful is were they breakdown video footage of themselves approaching and picking up women. This stuff is gold because it allows them to explain exactly what they were thinking and doing in the moment, and explain what went right, what went wrong etc…

There is ample Q and A so you get to hear the answers they give to all of the questions guys have about day game.

The modules cover everything from getting her attention through attraction, rapport and on to the “advanced stuff”… Like I said I’ve only had time to watch about 50% of the videos, but so far I liked everything I saw. The guest speaker for the video on “humor and self amusement” was really good and there was some great content around the mindset to get into and how to be an “attractive daygamer”

There are too many videos to name ’em all from assumption stacking to approach anxiety, to deep rapport, to instant or “insta-dates”… If it has to do with picking up women during the day then it’s in here. There are 20+ hours of content and infield footage (dude, that’s almost a full 24 hour day of videos!?)

For a full overview click here >>Daygame Blueprint Overview

My Thoughts on This Program:

Andy Yosha and Yad of are recognized as *THE* experts on daytime pick up. I don’t think anybody is contesting that. A few other pick up companies “dabble” in day-game, but these are the only dudes out there who strictly teach how to pick up girls during the day… They are committed to this stuff.

So, that said I don’t think that there is a better source for daygame training out there.

I’ve been picking up girls on the street during the day since 1993, and if a friend or family member came to me asking about how to improve their “daygame” this is the program I’d recommend.

>>> Click Here for the Official DayGame Blueprint Website <<< 



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