Do Women Like Muscles On Men?

by chadhooper on February 11, 2011

the jersey shore crew

The Jersey Shore girls love big muscles!

A lot skinny guys assume that they would do better with chicks if they beefed up a bit. But do women like muscles on men? The truth may surprise you.

A few years ago a couple of fitness experts named Brad Howard and Brad Pilon conducted extensive research on this very topic, and formed some very eye-opening conclusions. This wasn’t a casual study, these guys dug deep and uncovered the cold hard facts on women’s physiological reactions to different male body types.

They found that women are indeed most strongly attracted to men with lean muscular physiques.

Now this probably isn’t a big shocker. But, what I found really interesting is that they were able to come up with a specific ratio of proportions that is universally super attractive to women.

What this means is that if you have these proportions you have a MASSIVE advantage over all almost every other guy out there and a lot of women will want to sleep with you simply based on you physique. So that’s pretty cool, No?

As a guy who has spent years working out to have an attractive body I wanted to know what this ratio was and how difficult it would be for me to attain it. Well, the guys behind this study set up a website and you can punch in your stats and see how close you are to attaining this Golden Ratio, so you might want to check that out.

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They can also give you a ton of info on how to attain the measurements would lust after.

Now I know a lot of guys will probably po-po this research. I mean there are some “dating coaches” out there who actually say that women don’t care about your body or whether you have muscles and that it’s all about personality.

But, I just can’t buy that.

Sure a lot of women who are looking to settle down and have kids will pick an out of shape guy who can support them. But we’re not talking about life partners here. We’re talking about what kind of body women are SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to, and all the evidence points to the fact that when it comes to physical attraction women want to mate with well built men!

And this is not to say that fat and skinny guys can’t get laid. I’ve done OK as both a  skinny guy and a chubby guy as my weight has fluctuated. But, I’ve also definitely noticed that I get the most positive attention from women women I go out when A) my body fat is low and B) My muscles have a good pump to them because I’ve been hitting the weights regularly.

This is something that can help you out a lot, and it’s something that you have total control over. It’s totally up to you what kind of food you put in your mouth and how often you workout.

I think the big thing to remember is that you don’t need to get all that  muscular to attract women. That study I mentioned found that most women are actually turned of by overly-muscular guys.

Yeah Snookie from The Jersey Shore might prefer “juice monkey gorillas” but that’s a cultural thing – Then again is you want a Jersey guidette you might want to try some heavy weights and double up on the creatine.

If you want to know more about getting the in shape that is most attractive to women checkout the Adonis Effect website

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