Double Her Desire Review – Gabrielle Moore’s Seduction Guide

by chadhooper on February 15, 2011

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She just doubled her desire!

Double Her Desire Review – Gabrielle Moore’s new program Double Her Desire is available as of 2-15-2011

Are you sick and tired of having your sexual advances shot down by your girlfriend or some girl you are on a date with?

I know I hate that shit… And how about when your long-term girlfriend starts having headaches all the time and stops having sex with you for a month straight – That’s grounds for a break-up, or reason enough to read a book on how to better turn on a woman!

The trouble is that although there are numerous seduction guides available these days, the majority are written by so-called “pick-up artist” who may or may not truly know much about pleasing women.

You’ll also find that most of these guides are all about the GUY and what you are supposed to be doing, rather than focusing on the woman, and understanding her desire.

On the flip-side – most of the books like this that are written by women are just mainstream hogwash. Y’know they talk about seduction as if it’s all just puppy-dogs and ice-cream…

Gabby Moore though, her stuff’s different to say the least.  That’s why I’m so pumped to write this review of her new program Double Her Desire.

Click the links below to watch Gabby’s free videos – #2 Is My favorite by far!

Double Her Desire Video #1

Double Her desire Video #2

Double Her Desire Review: Intro

So, Let me tell you what this is all about.

If you didn’t know, Gabrielle Moore is one of the world’s leading female intimacy experts. In other words she is an actual researcher who studies female arousal, sex, lust, female pleasure and so on from a female’s point of view.

Her book The Female Orgasm Revealed is pretty much like the bible of how to give a girl an insane orgasm – so if this is something that you are interested in click on the link and check that one out too.

So in a nutshell, Gabby is numero uno when it comes to teaching this stuff. Another thing that is cool is the fact that her stuff is read by women, men and couples. Unlike a lot of the more “seduction community” type of seduction stuff that is strictly for guys and not particularly credible in terms of the research behind it.

Double Her Desire Review: What’s Inside?

This program is less about sexual technique (although there’s still a ton on that) and more about seduction – basically how to turn your woman on. Although it is marketed somewhat more towards guys who are in a longterm relationship that they want to spice up, it really is applicable to be used with ANY woman, even one you just met.

I know that this is an area that a lot of guys struggle with, and that I have stumbled my way through unsuccessfully many times in the past.

Often it can be easy to get phone numbers and line up dates, but when it comes to AROUSING a woman, it doesn’t always happen the way you would like it to.

Double Her Desire is the cure for that, it’s a guide to understanding female desire and get a woman to desire you sexually.

Inside Gabrielle discusses the sexual cues that you can use to arouse a woman’s desire. These cues work so well because women are hardwired to respond to them – This is where they research part comes in, this stuff is all scientifically proven to work, and this isn’t the same old seduction community “kino” stuff that is plastered all over the internet.

Double Her Desire is full of great ways to turn a girl on and I think it’s the best explanation of female desire that has ever been assembled.

It covers everything from simple sexual cues like holding your girls hand and talking to her in certain ways to really advanced sexual techniques that will make you stand out from every other man she has ever been with!

I definitely think that if you follow what she has to say that you will stop getting all the “no, not tonights” and you’ll start hearing things like “do me NOW!”

I’ve used a lot of Gabby’s techniques, and the girl are LOVING IT.

Also – this program is coming out tommorow and if you are one of the first 500 people you will get  gabby’s Wet and Wild Shower Sex Games bonus – ’nuff said about that

Plus if you order through the link below you can get 30% Off – cha-ching

Check out her video right now, it’s got great info, and it’s kinda hot…

Go to the official Double Her Desire website

double her desire

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