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by chadhooper on January 24, 2012

gentlemans guide to online dating derek cajun

Here's derek talking about his book on national TV...

Today I’ve got a review of The Gentleman’s Guide To Online Dating by Derek Cajun… The book actually comes out Jan 26th, but I wanted to hop on here early and let you know what you can expect.

As you may know I’m trying to review all of the best known internet dating guides on this site to give you a balanced view of what’s good and what’s not…

And as a guy who has met a lot of women on the internet I feel that I have some insight on this –

So, without further ado, let’s talk about Cajun’s book

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Why The Gentleman’s Guide To Online Dating?

As you know, there are MANY guides to internet dating that are available, so what is the point of this book? Let me tell you when I first heard about it I wasn’t even planning on reading it!

No offense to Love Systems… but I’m a busy dude, and already good at pulling chicks online.

But that being said Cajun is my favorite Love Systems instructor so I said what the hell!

So I got a preview copy to check out… And I was actually really surprised by the content of this book. So here’s my breakdown of the pros and cons…

The Gentleman’s Guide To Online Dating pros:

  • He shares his actual profile. This is important. A lot of other guides don’t include this, and most that do aren’t even cool profiles! This is probably the best part because he breaks down every little bit of his profile and explains why he does what he does.
  • It’s got two appendixes of chat logs – so that you get to see what he writes to girls to get them to meet him, this is priceless because it let’s you see into exactly what he’s doing, so you can do it yourself .
  • It’s very straight forward and non-gimicky… It’s NOT full of complicated PUA lingo, or crazy wacky methods like some of the other online dating guides that I’ve seen.
  • Cajun is actually a really a good writer. I didn’t know this because I hadn’t read anything by him prior to this, but he really explains things clearly and in a way that makes total sense.
  • There are some sick bonuses going out with this, limited time stuff like personal consultations (which is crazy to me because coaching with Cajun’s company is not cheap)

The Cons…

  • I spent some time reading through this book trying to find something that really sucked so I could tell you about it… Nothing really sucked.

The Verdict On Cajun’s book:

As a dude who has picked up a lot of women online, I can tell you that this is a solid guide. It something I WISH I had when I started with online dating and couldn’t get a date at all…

As far as I am concerned this is the best guide of it’s type available right now. If you are thinking of trying to meet women online, or you already tried and didn’t do to good, this book will help.

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PS. The guys at Love systems wanted to send me these success stories from guys who read the book before it was released… I’ve never put any testimonials up on this site before, but I thought you might like to say what some regular dudes that tried this program out had to say…

(I shouldn’t have to say this, but these reviews are TOTALLY LEGIT… otherwise it’s illegal to use them)

[note – no consideration of any kind was given to any of the beta testers]

“I used to find dating sites really frustrating. What’s the point of sending dozens of personalized messages for one or two responses that don’t lead anywhere? Facebook was even more of a mystery.

Well, that’s all changed. I was part of the beta testing group for the book The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating by Cajun of Love Systems. From the first chapter, he’s telling you how to rewrite your profile, choose your pictures (this made a BIG difference for me) and what to say in the first message. It only got better from there.

I’m hardly an expert or a “player” and I’m not sure I want to be. But I did was four dates with four different women last week, all of them hot enough to make my friends jealous!”

Ryan W., 24, Concord, CA


“Cajun, I think I’d win your student-of-the-year award if you had one. I started your beta test two weeks ago. I chatted with a few women, and one in particular caught my eye. Gorgeous, sure, but I was looking for more than that, and this woman was my personality mirror image.

We went out last weekend and have been inseparable ever since. The other day she asked me how a great catch like me (ha!) could have been single when we met, so I showed her your book. Her verdict: “This guy is crazy but he knows women very well. Maybe too well.” If you ever make it to Atlanta, we’ll buy you dinner!

Jason T (and “Emily”), 34, Atlanta, GA


“Since my divorce, dating hasn’t been easy. As a single dad sharing custody, my time is limited and I’m a bit old for bars and clubs.

Turns out online dating is perfect for me. My first time on OKcupid, and I just applied Cajun’s system straight out of the box. Before last week, I’d been with one woman since my divorce, many months ago. Now I’ve been with three.

My dry spell is over! I have so much more confidence with women – and with life in general – now. Thank you for making me part of your test!”

Richard E, 44, Calgary, AB


“I’m going on a three-month assignment out of town next week, so I tried Cajun’s Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating book as an experiment. After two days, I have at least five really hot women waiting to meet me when I arrive (not all at once!). I had to make myself stop or I’m sure I could have had 10 or 100.

Seriously, it’s idiot-proof. It’s so easy it should be illegal. If you have any sort of personality at all and if you can follow simple directions in Cajun’s book, then you can date great women online.”

Jesse K., Boston, MA


“She’s 22 and a (non-exotic) dancer. I’m 36 and out of shape. Enough said.”

Gary D., Mankato, MN

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