How To Be An Alpha Male?

by chadhooper on November 9, 2011

tupac keeps it alpha

Tupac ain't even tryin' to hear that ish...

Many guys have been emailing me recently about how to be an alpha male, so I thought that this question really deserved it’s own blog post.

This is a question that has been WIDELY debated all over the internet and there are countless blogs out there where wanna-bee alpha males bicker back and forth in the comments section about what “being alpha” truly means…

Well let me tell you something, REAL alpha men do not argue about ANYTHING on the internet whatsoever!

That crap is SOOOO not alpha!

Real Alpha Men, use this internet for cooler things like… shopping, making money, picking up women, and watching funny videos. Not for arguing and not for talking about chicks with other desperate dudes in FORUMS!! LOL!!

Don’t get me started on forums… but just let me say this, if you are on a mission to improve with women, then the LAST thing that you want to do is spend your time in a forum chatting with wanna-bee pick up artists about what works and what doesn’t, because if those guys knew, they’d be out there crushin’…. Not being keyboard jockeys… True story!

Instead, I’d grab a TOP RATED PUA book and follow the exact advice of somebody who actually knows what they are talking about… but enough about that, let’s talk about:

How Does One Become More “Alpha” and is it even possible??

First, what exactly does it mean to be “alpha” anyways?

Basically the alpha male in any group is the one who runs things and gets all the women… that’s all that there is to it. This is a phenomenon that has been studied for many years and it’s something that occurs within animal species as well as within tribal groups where it is easy to tell exactly who is the alpha male… (He’s the tribal leader)

However, in modern society it is often harder to tell who is the “alpha” guy, we don’t live in small tribes anymore, so there are actually tons of different alpha guys. I think that this is what confuses people.

At the end of the day though being alpha is all about having certain characteristics that:

A) Get you respect from other men


B) Attract women

Here are a couple of those characteristics that you can being working on developing today:

1) Assetiveness
Look at a dude like Tupac… He isn’t bowing down to no man! Hell no! he doesn’t care if you are a gangster or a cop with a badge… Pac just don’t care! Now you may not be a rap fan, but if not that may actually be part of your problem… Because let’s face it, rap IS thug music, it’s battle music, think about it, how many girls want to throw their undergarments on stage for Eminem vs how many girls want to give it up to Roy Orbison or Moby…?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to sling ‘cain or rap to be an assertive alpha male, but you do need to stand up for yourself and stop letting others push you around. So make sure to speak in a slightly loud, clear voice, and pronunciate… And stop letting people push you around (…It can help if you put on a little muscle so people don’t look at you as a wimp.)

2) Emotional Strength
One major flaw in most guys game is that they are emotionally weak and needy. For instance, they will be too afraid to approach a woman that they are attracted to because they are scared of getting rejected and the painful emotional fallout that will accompany that rejection. Other guys fall victim to other emotions like jealousy and allow it to destroy their relationships.

Alpha men on the other hand know how to control their emotions. This doesn’t mean become emotionally dead like a robot, it means learning how to deal with there emotions correctly at the right times so that they don’t screw things up for you. The key is realizing that you need to stop letting women PLAY with your emotions, you are NOT a puppet on a string!

Like I said, real alpha men don’t debate this stuff, and the don’t make excuses for why they “can’t be alpha”… They believe in themselves and if they need to make a change then they TAKE ACTION!

Obviously this is something that you are interested in, so I’d recommend getting my friend John’s ebook “How To Become an Alpha Male” NOW and read it start to finish… This thing can change your life!

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