How To Keep Your Girlfriend Attracted To You

by chadhooper on April 20, 2012

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A lot of guys like to think that they have their girlfriends on “lock down” because they have been with them for quite a while and the relationship seems to be going okay. But the truth is that even the most devoted girlfriend cannot be neglected for too long before she starts getting fed up and considering her options.

That’s why I decide to write up this blogpost, to share some tips on how to keep your girlfriend attracted to you so you don’t end up as one of those unfortunate dudes who gets blindsided when his girlfriend kicks him to the curb!

If you love your girlfriend then you probably want to keep her around for a long time, right?

Well that’s a great plan, but you need to pay attention to what you are doing in your relationship so that she doesn’t start taking you for granted, resenting you, or anything like that. So, without further ado, here are my 3 top tips for how to keep your girlfriend attracted to you:

1) Keep Your Girlfriend Happy By Showing Her How Much You Like Her…

If you are like most guys you probably got really excited when you first started dating your girlfriend, and you probably used to tell her how much you liked her, and how hot she looked all the time… The mistake guys often have is that they get so used to having their girlfriend around that they start taking her for granted.

She still looks as good as ever, but your been looking at her in lingerie for so long that some of that initial thrill has worn off… That’s life. However, you need to keep sweet talking her so that she feels appreciated.

It is very depressing for a woman to think that her man is losing interest in her and it can serious effect her self esteem and make her very unhappy.

A few easy ways to show your girl how much you like her are to:

  • Take her out once a week for a “date night”… a nice dinner, a play, a movie or any place that she will enjoy.
  • Pay attention to how she looks. Did she get a haircut? Tell her she looks good as hell, has she been working out? Tell her that her buns and firm and smackable… ect…
  • Don’t let your intimate encounters get boring. After months or years with the same partner things often get quite routine, but you don’t need to let that happen grab a guide to bedroom fun and try out some new moves so that you can keep introducing your lady to new and exciting experiences…

 2) Don’t Let Yourself Go…

Both men and women have a tendency to let themselves go a bit when they are in a happy relationship. After all you aren’t so concerned about having that sixpack of abs when you already have yourself a girlfriend. However, if you stop putting effort into your appearance and the way that your present yourself this can have a negative effect on your relationship.

Even though your girlfriend may accept the fact that you have gotten fat and dress like a slob, doesn’t mean that she likes it. Just like you want your girl to keep looking good, she also wishes that you would keep up on yourself so that she feels proud to be seen with you. So get back in the gym, take a shower, and get yourself new clothes every once in a while like you did when you were going out on the prowl.

3) Use Romantic Texting To Keep Her Thinking About You

If you are like most people you probably work in a job that keeps you away from your girlfriend for 8 to 12 hours or more every day. That is long time to go without checking in, and if you go too long without having any face time it’s easy to drift apart.

Heck, she might even get distracted by some handsome new hunk at her office… wouldn’t that be a bummer.

So it’s important to check in with your woman periodically to let her know you care and to remind her of what an awesome dude you are. My favorite way to do this is to send her romantic texts, dirty texts, sweet texts etc… throughout the day like the one’s discussed in This program by Mike Fiore… This is a great and underutilized technique, that can really make a big difference in your relationship.

A lot of people act like once they get a girlfriend they’ve done all of the work that they need to do and that now they can just kick back, and ignore their girlfriends… But this is a dangerous attitude, not to mention that it’s really unfair to your girl…

Look at it this way, if she’s worth keeping as a girlfriend then she is worth keeping happy. So follow these tips and she’ll stay attracted forever!

For more on using romantic texting to keep her hot for you,  watch this FREE VIDEO PRESENTATION

It’s good stuff :)

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