How To Know When To Kiss A Girl

by chadhooper on September 11, 2011

how to know when to kiss a girl

Is she ready to be kissed?

This question of how to know when to kiss a girl is something that a lot of guys struggle with so I decided to write a blog post about it to clear things up…

First off let me say that this is something that I used to worry about way to much, so I definitely understand where you are coming from if this is something that you have been having a tough time figuring out.

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I used to be on dates, and instead of listening to whatever the heck it was that the girl was saying – I’d be up in my head thinking to myself: “should I kiss her yet? Is she ready to be kissed? Would it be bad to kiss her now? how can I know when she’s ready to makeout???”

Needless to say, all this thinking and worrying didn’t help the situation…

So why is it that guys sweat this topic so much?

The answer is really pretty simple, guys worry about when they should kiss a girl because they are AFRAID that if they try to kiss a girl too soon that she will reject him and that this will cause an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation or perhaps even ruin their chances with said girl…

But Listen…

It’s actually pretty easy to tell when a girl is ready to be kissed

Yup, eazy-peazy…

All you’ve got to do is look for some basic  indications that every girl out there gives to a guy who she is attracted to when she wants to kiss.

Some people talk about IOIs or “indictators of interest” which are signs that a woman will give you that she is interested in you  and is feeling attraction. These indicators that a chick is ready to make out are a little different though…

Basically if you are alone with a woman that you have just picked up, or that you are on a date with, and she does the following 3 things, then she is probably ready for some kissing:

1) She is sitting or standing very close to you (practically touching) and paying close attention to you…

2) She is looking into your eyes for extended periods…

3) She is allowing you to hold her hand and touch her hair, sides, or shoulders…

If a woman is doing/allowing these three things to happen, then go for it bro! I’ve made out with a ton of chicks in my life, and every single time that are girl did these 3 things she was MORE that ready for a little tonsil hockey.

In my experience, guys who wait and worry about kissing girls are guys who don’t have a lot of experience. So realize that as you gain experience this will get easier for you, because you will start doing this shit on auto pilot and stop thinking about it completely.

Also believe it or not one of the best things you can do is to try to kiss some girls who AREN’T ready… It sounds crazy I know, but this will show you that there is really nothing to worry about in the first place, because even if a chick isn’t ready nothing bad happens… She’ll just tell you that she’s not ready.

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random guy December 4, 2011 at 5:08 am

Thinks bro this post got me with the gf I have today

paul vinton March 7, 2012 at 10:53 pm

Thanks BRO!

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