How To Make Bank

by chadhooper on November 26, 2011

how to make bank

No need to be greedy I got mad friends with Benzs - C-notes by the layers true f**ckin' players

Is that title too “gangsta” for you?

Hey, it’s okay… If you are from the ‘burbs and never heard this expression before, “making bank” means making lots of dough… And as you might expect, in this article I’m gonna teach you how to make bank like a straight MACK…

Now, I keep hearing about this “bad economy” but I tell you what, I’m not experiencing it first hand…

The reason? …I’m self employed and I make money through a variety of “alternate sources” (all completely legal I should ad…)

So I don’t need to worry about my boss, cutting my hours, trying to get me to work overtime for no pay, or firing me… Because i don’t have a boss.

Now I’m not telling you this stuff to brag… NOT AT ALL.

On the contrary, I want to help you to enjoy this same type of lifestyle yourself, if this is something that you are interested in.

I know that 95% of the posts on this site are all about how to mack on girls… and that is a big part of being a mack, but if you don’t have any dough in your pocket, then it’s a lot harder to get your mack on…

So, what are these “alternate sources” I speak of?

Well as you probably know the internet has gotten really popular over the past couple of years… Heck, you are looking at it right now, right? … See what I mean?

Now wanted to figure out how to make bank online since I first started poking around online back in 1997. I had a buddy who had set up some “men’s” sites if you know what I mean, and back then, there were not that many sites offering that kind of material.

Needless to say this kid went from riding a bike, living in a roach-infested apartment and eating cheap Mexican food all the time to pushing a souped up Tahoe, owning a huge newly built house with a swimming pool, and I guess he still ate a lot of Mexican food… lol…

But my point being, I realized that it was possible to make bank online… But I always talked myself out of trying to do anything because I didn’t know jack about computers… I asked my friend about how he did it, but he wasn’t all that forth coming about it, so rather than hounding him about it like I should have, I just bounced around working at stupid jobs.

Then, a few years ago I finally reached my breaking point and decided that I HAD to figure out how to start stacking papers on my own because my boss was pissing me off every day!

Obviously, I can’t give you a complete explanation of exactly how to start making money online right here… because it is pretty complicated.

Yeah, it DOES take work… I’m not gonna b.s. you…

BUT, if I can do it (D+ average in highschool) then I bet you can too.

You’ve just got to really be sick of working for the man and have a strong desire to make it.

I find that hanging around with wealthy people really helps to motivate me to want to make more money… I used to go hang out in their spacious comfortable houses and realize that I could get the same thing too…

Also realizing that the government doesn’t give a shit about you can help… don’t count on Social Security man… there’s no guarantee that it’s gonna be there!

But hey… You’ve read this far, so it’s time I give you something SOLID!

Okay, you want to start making bank, and doing it from your neighborhood Starbucks… while you are drinking a latte checking out all the young hot baristas Watch this Video! 

I can tell you from experience that if you follow the steps laid out in the video that you really should be able to make bank to the point where you see your day job as a joke!… It won’t happen overnight, but unless you are retarded I don’t see how you could not do well with it…

The internet is the future my friend, you can use it too look at pictures of hot women, or you can use it to make bank, the choice is up to you…


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