How To Pick Up Women At The Gym

by chadhooper on November 21, 2011

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Don't be scared of girls at the gym...

If you’re like most single guys then you probably go to the gym every once in a while to help keep yourself in shape, but you likely haven’t yet cracked the question of how to pick up women at the gym

This is something that is tricky for a lot of guys because often the girl that you want to talk to at the gym will no be giving you any signals that she is interested. On top of that she will probably seem to be intently focused on her workout and have her ear buds in.

So what are some best practices for picking up on a young honey in this type of  a situation?

1) Don’t psych yourself out

Picking up on chicks at the gym is not harder than picking up chicks anywhere else. In fact, it’s a pretty awesome place to meet the kind of girls that I like, health conscious ones with hot bodies! Yeah the fact that 90% of women have IPods on is a slight obstacle, but there are obstacles in almost every kind of pick up situation.

Here’s a quote from Robert S. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of psychiatric medicine at the University of Virginia school of medicine (via Men’s Health) That might make you feel better about your chances of picking up at the gym:

“A woman’s estrogen level rises and sexual fantasies increase during a strenuous workout. That, in conjunction with enhanced cheerfulness and arousal, along with lowered hostility, anger, and stress during exercise, makes some women more approachable.”

2) Monitor your appearance

Approaching a girl at the gym dripping sweat, and smelling like a bum’s armpit is generally not advisable… So before you step to her be sure to towel of your forehead, and deodorant should be a no brainer… Additionally it’s a good idea to wear cool gear to the gym. personally I pretty much always wear Adidas Basketball Shorts, running shoes, a t-shirt and a baseball hat.

I know that may sound a little boring, but at the gym you will look like a poser if you come decked out in all that under armor crap! And I would advise against a tank top unless you are really on top of your shit!

3) Wait for a good moment

Normally you don’t want to wait too long before you approach a woman, but at the gym it’s okay to lay back in the cut for a minute or two and wait for a good opportunity to talk to the girl that you have got your eye on.  After all, she’s working out, so she is likely going to be around for a few minutes. So wait until she gets off the treadmill or finishes up her set before you make your move. One of the best places to start talking to a girl at the gym is at the smoothie bar, or the front desk. This is another reason why it is good to be friendly with the staff. If you are already engaged in a conversation with a staff member and a girl you like walks up it is very natural to include her in the conversation.

4) Use a casual situational approach

The gym is not a crazy party environment where you need to do off the wall shit to get a woman’s attention. So don’t worry about doing anything fancy. Instead just start a conversation about whatever happens to be going on around you. For instance, if the girl just finished using some sort of exercise machine you can simply say, “Hey, you’re good at that”, and give her a cockeyed smile. If she gives you a one word reply like, “thanks” just keep going with something like, “I have trouble with that one, me knees always lock out… do you practice that a lot?”

…Not thrilling conversational material, but if she is interested this is all you need to get the ball rolling!

 5) Don’t go too slow

I’ve read other advice on how to pick up women at the gym that tried to say that you should build the relationship up over time rather than trying to pick up the girl right away. I personally think that it a pile of horse crap that was written by a dude that never once pulled a hot chick out of a gym!

Why wait? … If she’s a hot girl then she is gonna be hooking up with somebody and that somebody might as well be you. So once you have engaged her in a bit of conversation ask her what she has going on later? See if she wants to go get a post gym protein shake with you or meet up in a couple hours after you have both had a chance to shower up…

It’s not that hard. If you want more info on how to attract women everywhere you go and start easy conversations with them check out this very WEIRD VIDEO!

PS. If you want a workout plan that will get you the kind of body that chicks drool over, check this out. This guy is exposing the fitness secrets that the Hollywood stars use to look amazing. (I’ve been using this guys stuff myself and… I’m getting close to my goals ;))



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