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by chadhooper on February 8, 2011

girl texting

Learn this crucial dating skill

Today I want to talk about a crucial dating skill. Yep, I’m talking about  how to text a girl.

I’ll admit it, I’m a little slow keeping up with all the technological advances that keep popping up. My phone for instance… It’s some old clunky maroon Samsung piece of shit.

In fact up until about five years ago all I had was a home phone that I kept on a side table in my apartment with an answering machine attached to it… I’m not even kidding!

But that shit won’t fly today… If you want to date hot girl you’ve gotta be texting them!

As I’m sure you already know texting is the new #1 way people are communicating with eachother… You don’t have to like it, but that’s just the way it is…

If you want to be successful you must learn how to text a girl the right way.

It’s crucial for:

  • Following up after you get her number.
  • “Priming her” before you meet up, to get her excited about seeing you, and so that she won’t flake…
  • Keeping in touch with her once you start dating… 

There’s no getting around it, you’ve got to be sending these texts… But most guys send seriously lame shit.

It’s okay, I used to do the same, when I think back on some of the messages that I sent when I first got started with texting I can’t believe it. But hey, I didn’t know how to text a girl back then so I was just guessing what would sound cool. I was hoping that I’d “get lucky” and get a good response from the texts that I was sending but it didn’t usually work out very well.

You see, there’s a real art to texting girls…

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Here are a few things I’ve learned about texting women that you need to keep in mind:

#1) Don’t Text Her Too Much

Nothing will make you look more desperate than texting a girl every five minutes… Just as calling a girl all the time can make you seem needy and lame, texting a girl all the time is a sure way to turn her off.

#2) Don’t Double Text Her

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a guy stress it if a girl doesn’t text him back right away… Horrible. Dudes get all bent out of shape wondering if the chick is blowing them off and then they start sending her more texts to try to get a response out of her. This is not cool and if you do it, it will make you look really insecure. If one more friend comes up to me and says, “Hey Chad, do you think I should text her again?” Seriously! Dude just move on, call her tomorrow or something! You don’t want to look like John Favereau in that scene in Swingers…

#3) Don’t Text Her Any Weird Shit

Another thing that can totally turn a chick off is if you text her something too cocky or sexual. I mean yeah sure if you are already sleeping with her and you know she likes your dirty talk then fine. But texting is not where you want to get started with that kind of stuff.

#4) Don’t Send Lame Texts…

Probably the most common texting mistake guys make is sending a girl a text that says something like “Hey, what’s up”… This is a terrible type of a text to send, it’s not flirty, it’s not fun, or interesting, or anything, it sucks.

And I can guarantee that the girl has gotten that same crappy ass text from about a thousand other guys before you who FAILED with her.

Don’t be number one thousand and one… get the most effective texting tactics and never have another chick you are texting lose interest.

There are a lot of “texting guides” for single guys out there but only one kicks ass… check it out here:

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Bill February 11, 2011 at 8:53 pm

Texting is different than talking. When you text you want to keep it short and simple and interesting. Nothing worse than a ho hum boring text to kill the romance.

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