Indicators Of Interest – Body Language Clues That She Likes You

by chadhooper on January 22, 2012

girl showing indications of interestToday I wanted to talk about Indicators Of Interest which are basically body language clues that you can get from a girl. These indicators, also called “IOIs” for short are a way that you can tell if a girl likes you.

Indicators of interest are EXTREMELY important and they are something that you should be on the lookout for at all times when you are interacting with a female that you are interested in… (I’m not saying to become obsessed with looking for IOIs, but definitely try to be aware as they can help you out a lot)

You can get these indicators at any time during an interaction with a woman from the moment you notice her, up until you are headed towards the bedroom. And if you pay attention they keep you on the right path.

Indicators of Interest – What’s The Big Deal?

There are few reasons why IOIs are so cool…

First Reason IOIs Are Cool – They can make picking up girls rejection proof…

Yeah, I said rejection proof!  How freaking cool is that?! Fear of rejection is a HUGE problem, it’s probably the #1 thing that stops guys from being able to approach women in the first place… So if it can be eliminated it can change things for you considerably.

The way that you can use IOIs to avoid rejection is simple. All you do is wait until you get an IOI from a girl before you proceed forward. So, for example if you are in line at Starbucks and the girl ahead of you in line keeps turning back to look at you and smiles, then she is giving you an IOI… This is your invitation to approach her, because obviously she wants you to, so there is no way that you could get rejected, COOL.

NOTE: I know there are guys out there who will say that “rejection is just part of the game” and that “you’ve got to embrace rejection”… I agree.

If you are going to go after what you want in life you are going to have to fail a bit, no doubt about it. But that being said, getting over fear of rejection is a process that takes time. Using indicators of interest to rejection proof yourself is good, if it can help you get out there and meet women and hook up. Because nothing will help you get over fear of rejection like sleeping with a beautiful woman or five.

Second Reason IOIs Are Cool – They give you feedback to guide you…

Women are always giving men indicators of interest, and indicators of disinterest, most guys just don’t know how to read them…

If you’re smart you’ll study up on IOIs so that you know when you’re getting one. Knowledge is power, and knowing when you are catching IOIs puts you in a position where you are able to take the right actions to make things happen.

The ability to read IOIs is also important because it lets you know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong so that you can improve your game. For instance if you notice that you get a lot of IOIs every time that you wear a certain shirt, then you probably should get more shirts like that!

Ultimate List of IOIs To Look For:

Below is my Master List of IOIs. These are 25 different ways that a woman can let you know that she is interested.

These may seem like very subtle things, but most girls don’t flirt as aggressively as guys do… Instead they do this stuff:

(As you read this list what you may realize is that girls are giving you these indicators every day, without you acknowledging what’s really going on…)


  • She tosses her hair and looks to see if you noticed
  • She thrusts her shoulders back and chest out

Eye Contact

  • If you make eye contact from a distance she holds it for a bit
  • If you make eye contact from a distance she keeps looking at you and then looking away and looking back etc…
  • If you are talking to her, she looks deeply into your eyes, or looks at you with interest
  • She smiles while looking at you for an extended period
  • She tilts head to side while she is talking to you
Closeness & Touching
  • She stands close to you or keeps walking over by you for no apparent reason
  • She faces you full on with her torso
  • She brushes against you or bumps into you
  • She touches you
  • She playfully punches you
  • She stands close to you so that your bodies touch, or sits close so your legs touch
  • She doesn’t back away when you go in for the kiss!
  • She starts a conversation with you
  • She compliments you
  • She asks if you have a wife or girlfriend
  • She theorizes that you must be a mack who has a ton of girls on his jock.
  • Seems fascinated by what you say
  • She laughs at your dumb jokes or anything else you say
  • She let’s you know when she is leaving (so you can get her number, duh)
  • She tries to agree with you about everything, or find commonalities (like you both like the same band)
  • She tries to give you stuff, buy you drinks, offers you food etc…

Sometimes a girl will do one or two of these things by default. but if a girl is doing more than a couple this is a CLEAR SIGN that she is interested… So you can make a move with no fear of rejection!

To learn more about reading a woman’s signals and sliding in smooth, watch this video: [This video contains language that may be offensive to some… so don’t watch it a work or around women] Click Here for this mind-blowing video

Catch you later,


PS. Here’s a PG rated video about IOIs that you can watch too…

But it cannot compare to THIS VIDEO!



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