Martin Merrill’s Social Circle Dating Review

by chadhooper on November 30, 2011

martin merrill's social circle dating

... Get in the circle of lovin'

Martin Merrill is a veteran dating expert and the author of the popular courses Make Women Laugh and Dating Voyance.

So, when I heard about his new program Social Circle Dating I got in touch with the man himself so I could bring you a Social Circle Dating Review before the program comes out Dec 1st…

I have always said that building up a strong social circle is one of the best ways to improve your dating life and your life in general, so I was eager to take a look at Martin Merrill’s Social Circle Dating program.

So I’m gonna assume that you know a bit about this program already. If not, you can visit Martin’s website and download his free report “Fundamentals Of Social Circle Dating”… Which gives an overview of what’s covered in this program. You can get that here:

>>> Click Here To Visit The Official Social Circle Dating Website…

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I want to go over the pros and con’s of this program as I see them and share my own thoughts on social circle dating with you.

I’ve always been a huge fan of meeting women through my own social circles… Yeah, it’s nice to be able to pick up on strangers, or meet girls online too, but I figure that about 90% of the women that I’ve dated long term have been women that I was introduced to through “social circle game”…

One of the best things about social circle dating is that anyone can take advantage of it. I have a lot of friends who just aren’t cut out for picking up on chicks… Some of these guys have read ALL of the PUA advice and approaching guides that are out there, but they just can’t get it to work for them.

However, this is OK, IF you have a social circle that introduces you to new, hot, datable women regularly…

Martin Merrill’s Social Circle Dating, What Do You Get?

I read Social Circle dating cover to cover, and I’ve got say that Martin has done a comprehensive job explaining all of the ins and outs of developing your social circle, and becoming the Mack of your social circle who gets his pick of the ladies… I have looked at a couple other “social dating guides” in the past, but wasn’t too impressed with them.

I think one of the things I liked best about this program was Martin’s writing style. He doesn’t try to sound “too cool” or use a bunch of retarded PUA non-sense… So that’s refreshing.

So — You get the main book Social Circle Dating, plus three other books by Martin: Approaching Made Easy, Inner Game Mastery21 Powerful Ways To Persuade People plus about 8 more bonuses by other people…

Some of the bonuses by others I had seen before, and honestly the quality on that is kinda mixed. And I didn’t look at Martin’s bonus ebooks yet, but honestly that doesn’t matter much to me, because it’s really all about the main book Social Circle Dating… Here’s a break down of the pros and cons:


  • This is a program that can work for any guy even if you stink at picking up women or are too scared to approach
  • The content is “dense” it’s not fluff and it’s not stuff that you have seen other people talk about before…
  • It’s a very step-by-step approach… (Everybody says their programs are step-by-step… but this one actually is!)
  • Martin’s methods for offering abundant value, and  multiplying social circles were freakin’ genius…


  • It would have been nice to have an audio version of this program, because I think that in general I learn better that way.
  • This product assumes that you do have a base level of social skills, it will help you to develop your social skills further, but if you are completely socially clueless you may struggle at applying some of the method that Martin teaches.

The Verdict On Social Circle Dating:

At the end of the day, nobody wants to have to rely on going out to “pick up chicks” as the only way of meeting women. And, that is also something a lot of guys straight up can’t do… So it makes sense to concentrate of building a social circle that will keep bringing you new girls night after night.

Martin Merrill’s Social Circle Dating is the best thing I’ve seen on the subject, period.

>>> Click Here to go to the Official Social Circle Dating Website…



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