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by chadhooper on April 8, 2012

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I’ve had a lot of requests to do a review of Mehow’s NSA System, and I’ve finally gotten around to it! So if you are a guy who has been looking for info on dating a whole lot of women at once pay attention to this Mehow NSA System review and learn how to keep a happy harem with no strings attached!

A Little Background on Mehow The PUA…

I’ve got to admit that when I first heard of Mehow I was pretty skeptical about him. I didn’t understand his name and looking at him I really had a hard time believing that he was all that successful with women…

Not to dis him, but he is just kind of an average looking dude, I think he’s balding a little, he dresses kind of unusual, and he doesn’t look like he’s got any muscle on him.

But, as we all hopefully know by now, these things don’t matter all that much when you have game, and Mehow is a guy who has proven his abilities. In fact Mehow was one of the first PUAs to start recording himself live, in the field working his game. Personally, I LOVE seeing this kind of live footage because not only is it a great way to learn, but it also gives you faith that your teacher knows what he’s talking about.

Anyhow, the story is that Mehow was a computer guy before he got into the PUA stuff. He was married, and after his divorce he started rolling with Mystery and Lovedrop before starting his own company a few years back.

My Review Of Mehow’s NSA System

Mehow has done a lot of live coaching and seminars over the years as well as releasing a few products along the way. I guess that I always kind of thought that it was just a variation on Mystery’s stuff, which isn’t my favorite… So I overlooked Mehow until I started hearing about this No-Strings-Attached or NSA System of his.

This caught my attention because it is something that no other PUA or dating coach has really gone in-depth with. Plus, I know first hand that juggling multiple girls can take some doing, so I was interested to hear what Mehow had to say on this subject.

However, as I learned Mehow’s NSA System actually covers a lot more than just how to manage relationships with multiple women.

In fact this program brings you through all the steps, from approaching women, through conversation, to getting the girl you want to be your girlfriend, and then on to having multiple girlfriends and some really advanced stuff.

I’ll get into what I did and didn’t like about the program in the pros and cons below, but just to give you an idea of what you get here… It’s an audio/video program divided up into different modules that take you through these steps.

One thing that makes this pretty unique is the fact that it includes a lot of real examples of Mehow talking to girls so that you can see him putting his teachings into action so that you can really wrap your head around WHY his stuff works.

NSA System Pros & Cons


  • It’s a very complete program. I was happy to see that the NSA system goes into a lot of detail on how to attract women in the first place. In fact the first few modules are all about this. Also, this is definitely NOT Mystery’s stuff. I like Mehow’s stuff way better.
  • Solid relationship management advice. I was also surprised at want sensible relationship advice Mehow gives in this program. It’s info that I think would be really valuable even if you just wanted one girlfriend. He goes really deep into how to get a girl even when their are complex social dynamics at play and it’s not exactly smooth sailing, and then how to keep it all good so that she wants to stay with you. He even has some great info on how to get things back on the right foot when they take a turn for the worse (this combined with the text your ex back program could probably save any relationship)
  • Best in show for having multiple no strings attached relationships. Dude has outdone himself with the module on no strings attached relationships. As you know if you’ve tried this, it can be tough, women are emotional creatures, and nobody wants to hurt anybody’s feelings. Mehow get’s props for helping guys navigate these tricky situations


  • I think that when a lot of guys think about dating several women they imagine that they will be getting it on with like four girls at the same time and doing all kinds of crazy stuff like that. However the truth is that most women are just not down for that type of shenanigans… So while it’s a good program don’t think that it’s gonna bend the laws of the universe and make twins want to sleep with you at the same time or anything like that.

The Verdict On The NSA System:

If you are going to be dating more than one woman at a time or if you aspire to, this NSA system is the go to guide on the subject. Mehow has proven himself as a guy who really understands female psychology and has figured out how to have a lifestyle that is full of women and short on drama.

So if that’s what you want the price is right on this one…

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