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by chadhooper on February 1, 2011

vin dicarlo pandora's box

Open Her Box Review: Does Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box Live Up To The Hype Or Is It A Scam??

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In today’s product review I’m reviewing one of the most popular and most controversial dating guides to come out in the last couple years, Vin Dicarlo’s Pandoras Box.

So, for starters I’ve got to say that overall I’m very impressed with Vin, in general as a teacher.

I like the fact that he seems really NORMAL and really RELAXED, which is in sharp contrast to many PUAs who come off as really weird and flamboyant. Vin on the other hand seems chill so I feel like his pickup methods might work out better for a guy like me who is a little more soft spoken.

Vin has put out a bunch of products that over the last few year, and they’ve gotten a really good response from guys overall. Personally I think that the Attraction Code was far and away the best thing he released prior to Pandora’s Box. But, if you aren’t sure which one you should get it Pandora’s Box hands down!

Okay, now let’s get into the meat of my Open Her Box review, and what makes it so different than other dating guides.

Here’s the thing, ever notice how just about every dating book out there talks about picking up women as if they are all exactly the same? They are all totally focused on what you should be doing and saying to create attraction, but they never make any mention of the girl’s personality. That’s a problem.

If you have any experience with women what so ever you’ve no doubt realized that women can be VERY different and they can respond very differently to different types of things.

For instance some girls love romantic gestures like flowers, other girls hate that shit. Some girls like it when a guy is somewhat forceful and sexually aggressive whereas if you tried that with another girl she would absolutely freak out if you started doing that kind of stuff.

So, Pandora’s Box addresses this issue, and gives you easy ways to tell exactly what kind of woman you are dealing with right away. That way you’ll know EXACTLY what to say and what kind of game you should use to get her into you.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve messed up by thinking that what worked on one girl would work on another girl. It takes a lot of experience to figure out what any particular girl is going to respond to and there is a TON of trial and error involved. That’s why I like Pandora’s Box so much.

Now, you don’t need to figure all this stuff out for yourself. Vin has ingeniously broken female personalities down into 8 distinct types. And, he gives you 3 questions you ca n ask to figure out exactly what a girl’s personality type is as soon as you meet her, that’s why it’s called one minute mind reading

When you try this out for yourself you are going to be amazed at how easy it is to pinpoint her “type” and then adjust your game accordingly. In fact, your game doesn’t even need to be that tight, as long as you are kicking game specific to her type you’ll already have a MASSIVE advantage.

The package itself comes with loads of material, it’s basically like getting a PHD in female psychology. But instead of learning from a bunch of boring old people in some university classroom you get to learn from one of the world’s most respected pick up artists of all time – and he has some big name PHD psychiatrists on board backing him up on the fact that this shit is dead on.

What really matters though is if this is going to help you get girls.

My bet is that it will help, a lot.

But watch this video through and see what you think:

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