Revive Her Drive Review – No More Blue Balls?

by chadhooper on September 20, 2011

revive her drive

She WANTS you to revive her drive... She just doesn't know how to explain her needs...

Well this is interesting…  Today I’ve got a review of Susan and Tim Bratton’s new program Revive Her Drive, which teaches guys how to get their women’s sex drives fired up again…

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In this Revive Her Drive review I’m going to give you a brief overview of Susan’s program and tell you what I REALLY think of it.

So – if you’ve ever been in a long term relationship that became basically “platonic” over time, you know how much that sucks… I was in a relationship like that myself a few years ago and it was a complete freakin’ NIGHTMARE!

Me and this ex girlfriend of mine went from having sex daily, with lot’s of passion (and LOT’s of fun stuff ie. sexy outfits for her, interesting locations, *ral etc…) To having really boring sex about once a month…

I was really upset about it, because I really liked the girl and I didn’t want to cheat on her, or beak up…

But let’s face it, a man has needs… And most of us would rather not have to resort to watching videos online as our only sexual outlet – Ecspecially when we already have a wife or girlfriend!!!

This is where Revive Her Drive comes in. This program is without a doubt the most comprehensive guide ever assembled for teaching you how to reignite your woman’s sex drive…

According to Susan, as well as a lot of scientific researchers, it’s completely normal for a couple’s sex life to start going on a downward spiral after they’ve been in a relationship for a while. This is caused by a decrease in certain “love chemicals” over time, and I actually remember I watched something about this on the Discovery channel a while back.

So it’s not really anyones fault – It’s hormonal.

What Revive Her Drive does is give you a step-by-step system for reversing this process and using a stealthy understanding of her pyschology to reignite all those old feelings.

Breakdown Of “Revive Her Drive”

One of the coolest things about this program is the fact that Susan will give you three parts of the actual product for free to check out to see if you like it… If you haven’t already, >>>CLICK HERE to grab them for FREE!:

  • Is her Sex Drive Repairable? The Blueball Diaries PDF
  • Stealth Turn Around Tricks – Conflict Free Approach PDF
  • 21 Deadly Seduction Mistakes Men In Relationship Make that Kill Their Sex Life MP3

So these should give you a pretty good idea of what this program is all about, so that you can decide if it is something that would be right for you.

A couple of the most important concepts in this program are the idea of “right sized offers” which will help you ease her back into wanting to share intimacy with you. And the strategies for giving her what she really wants from you deep down.

I think one of the biggest problems in relationships is that women can’t articulate what they want from men, and men get frustrated by this because they are so willing to give their girl ANYTHING she wants, but neither of them can really put their finger on what that is.

Revive Her Drive, The Verdict…

If you are a guy who is not enjoying regular, PASSIONATE sex with your girlfriend or wife, I think you’d be making a huge mistake in not looking at this program.

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PS. I wasted years of my life living in forced celibacy because I didn’t know what else to do. Don’t let this happen to you!


Mike G December 17, 2011 at 9:33 pm

I purchased Revive her Drive a little while ago . I have not tried too many methods in the course . Not sure what else to do . My wife has just about NO drive . She said that she is in Menopause , and that is why she don’t care or want much intimacy anymore . How can your course Revive help me ,get her more interested in intimacy again ?

chadhooper December 18, 2011 at 3:33 am

Hey Mike,
have you been through all the material in the course??? The whole thing is about re-igniting her drive… I find that what happens a lot of times is that people purchase these programs hoping that just the fact that they bought it will change everything…

In order to make it work you need to apply ALL the methods and take this seriously! It is a serious issue isn’t it?

Oh, and Revive Her Drive is Susan Bratton’s program, not mine 😉

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