The 4 Elements Of Game Review

by chadhooper on February 20, 2011

The 4 Elements of Game is an ebook that came out last year. It’s by a couple of NYC dating coaches named Rob Judge and Zach Bauer, and it’s become very popular so I thought I’d write up an honest and critical 4 Elements of Game review for you in case you are thinking of picking up this product, or just want some more info…

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Anyhow, when I first heard about this book I was skeptical as HELL! I mean there are just so many new pick up artists and dating coaches springing up nowadays, it’s a joke… And lets be honest, a lot of the well established ones kinda suck too.

…So I was pretty apprehensive, but I thought I’d checkout this 4 Elements of Game ebook anyways and see what I thought. It comes with a money back guarantee so you don’t have to pay for it if you think it stinks.

The 4 Elements Of Game Review: Intro

I’m not going to bore you with the whole Rob and Zack back-story… Basically the are a couple of guys who studied pick-up tried all kinds of different systems and teachings and ultimately came out with their own system for picking up women.

The fact is that they have proven themselves in the field to be two of the best pickup artists around, period.

They have hundereds of testimonials from student they have taught there methods to out in the field and they have a shit ton of video footage of themselves pulling girls out of clubs and taking them home, so it’s pretty well established that they are the real deal.

The 4 Elements Of Game Review: Content Overview

The first things that struck me about this book is the fact that Rob Judge is a really good writer. I don’t care how smart a guy is or how good his ideas are, if he isn’t a skilled author I’m probably not gonna be able too read more than a couple pages. So that’s a good start.

In case you were wondering, here are The Four Elements Of Game:

  • Drive
  • Inspiration
  • Mechanics
  • Connection

So I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly blown away by this list either, but I do like the fact that this ebook is extremely well organized. You’ll discover if you read it that the theories are really well thought out and put together, unlike a lot of other dating advice ebooks you may have read.

Also, I like the fact that it is a complete, comprehensive  system. This isn’t one of those books that just deals with a tiny little niche subject like texting and leaves you to figure out everything else on your own.

The basis of the system is all about how to pull out the coolest parts of your own natural personality, and adopt the right mindsets. There is no canned material whatsoever!

But, a couple notes here: Unlike some other “natural game” programs that are wishy-washy, The 4 Elements of games is concise and tells you exactly HOW to use Rob and Zacks methods, including some very colorful examples.

Also, this is not rehashed natural game stuff, it’s original and I think this is the main reason this has been such a hit this year.

The 4 Elements Of Game Review: The Verdict

The 4 Elements of game is going down as one of my top PUA products for 2010. The reasons I like it:

It offers a completely new approach to game Its very well written The information can be used by guys at any skill level Most Importantly: It works! I’ve incorporated things I’ve learned from Rob and they have legitamitely helped me out

So the verdict is… If you are thinking about picking up a copy of The 4 Elements of Game, you should go for it, it’s better than 95% of the stuff out there!

Plus – now you can get it as an audiobook so you can kick back and listen to it on your ipod, much preferable!

Click Here To Go To The Official 4 Elements Of Game Website

The 4 Elements of Game audiobook

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