Tips On Flirting With Girls

by chadhooper on February 9, 2012

flirting with girlsThe other day I was talking to a buddy who just lost a bunch of weight and is trying to get back out there on the dating scene. He had been on a couple dates, but said that they didn’t go too well. I asked him if the girls had flirted with him at all, and he said that he didn’t know. He couldn’t tell. He doesn’t know what flirting looks like… So I put together these tips on flirting with girls, to help you understand flirting better.

It’s a fact that most guys suck at flirting. So don’t feel bad if you aren’t any good at it.

But what you’ll notice is that EVERY guy who is really good with chicks has awesome flirting skills. So it’s really in your best interest to work on developing this side of yourself.

If you know how to flirt with a girl the right way it can make up for the fact that you might not be the best looking dude. Or the fact that your job sucks, or that you are a little older than the dudes that she normally dates… Flirting skills can be that one thing that makes all the difference!

The reason is simple – When you flirt with a girl properly you are telling her subconscious mind that you are a guy who has experience with women, that you are a guy who understands women, and that you can give her what she wants emotionally.

Flirting With Girls – A Few Quick Tips: 

1) Understand Flirting…

Probably the main reason that most guys tank when they attempt to flirt is that they don’t even understand what they are supposed to do. And how can you expect to be able flirt properly if you don’t understand what flirting is? Some guys even think that giving a woman a corny compliment on her looks qualifies as flirting… no, nah, uh-uh, nope, that’s a fail.

Here’s what flirting is: It’s showing a woman that you like her and are interested in her – Without saying something lame. Can you see why flirting is so important if you want to be “more than friends” with a chick?

Here are a few ways that you can flirt:

  • Tease her
  • Use double entendres
  • Use flirtatious facial expressions
  • Raise the tension in a playful way
I’ll explain each of these…

2) Flirt with a girl by teasing her

Teasing is a crucial part of flirting with girls, and it’s all about the attitude that you have when you are talking to her. Most guys get stressed out trying to impress a girl that they like and this causes them to have the wrong attitude and do subtle things that turn her off.

You need to have the attitude that you are totally relaxed around her and are not scared or intimidated by her at all, sort of like you would be with your buddy’s kid sister. You act like YOU are the cool one and you playfully make fun of her for little things that she does or says.

For instance if she says that a particular bar is a “dive bar” you can tease her for being stuck up and snooty.

This should always be done in a good natured way, so that you don’t offend or insult her at all. If you offend her you are doing this WRONG!

3) Flirt with double entendres

A double entendre is an expression that can have two different meanings one of which is a little naughty. For instance I used to have a job as a bartender and girls would always ask me for “dirty martinis” which is a martini with a splash of olive juice…

So whenever a girl that I liked would order one of these I would look at her and smirk and ask her, “do you like it extra dirty?”… Get it?

It sounds silly, but I can’t tell you how many girls I used that on that ended up leaving me their phone numbers.

You can also use double entendres to pretend to misinterpret what she is saying. So for example if she says that she loves sausages, you can say “Wow you are a filthy girl, did you just say that you love sausage?!”

4) Flirty facial expressions

Body language, and facial expressions in particular are one of the most powerful tools that you have at your disposal for attracting women.

A big mistake most guys make with flirting is that they don’t use the flirty facial expressions and instead just look at a girl with a sort of blank expression. This makes you look creepy, kind of like a serial killer.

Instead, you want to be expressive with you face and your entire body. This includes raising your eyebrows, giving her sideways glances, smirking etc…

one thing that you can practice doing is using different facial expressions as a reaction to things that she says rather than just saying “whoa, cool” or whatever… so for example if she is talking about something gross make a grossed out face – she’ll think it’s funny.

5) Raise the tension

When you are flirting with girls it’s important to continually be raising the tension between you so she knows that you are not just flirting in a “friendly” way, but that you are actually interested in making something happen with her.

You can do this by slowly increasing the amount of time that you are using these other flirting tactics, and by talking about increasingly adult topics. the key is to do is smoothly so you go from talking about PG rated topics, to PG-13, to R, and so forth all the way to dirty talk.

6) Practice flirting all the time

 If you have never been much of a flirt then it is going to seem unnatural an uncomfortable to you at first. This is just the reality of the situation. And the only way that you are going to be able to overcome this discomfort is to put forth EFFORT to flirt everyday, as often as possible, until it becomes like second nature and it’s just what you do.

If the idea of flirting intimidates you, it is best to start by flirting with women who feel “safer” to you such as older women, married women and women who you are not very physically attracted to. Flirting with these women will seem much easier than flirting with really beautiful girls that you really want to date.

Recommended Resource For Flirting With Girls:

Bobby Rio, the “Mack of the Year” recently released an amazing program that explains everything that you need to know to flirt with women so that you can turn them on, and bring them home – FAST.

I highly recommend this program and you can check out this free video for more information: Click Here For the Video On Flirting With Girls 


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