Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box Review

by chadhooper on March 20, 2011

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What is she thinking???

Are you ready for a dead honest Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box Review that’s gonna get a little critical? …Good.

Because really, there is some great stuff in this program, but overall there were a couple problems that I had with it too. There’s just so damn much to talk about in this program….

If you are looking for Pandora’s Box, this is a REVIEW… You can click that link to go to the main site.

So I’ll start out with the bad stuff. I’ll give it to you first, and up front…

First, the marketing is a little whack. Perhaps you have seen one of his banners (like the one I have posted on this website) that say in huge bold letters 3 Questions That TURN HER ON! And then there’s the sales video…

The video is was good, and if you haven’t seen it you definitely should watch it right away. Watch the Pandora’s Box Video.

But it’s was pretty long and you’ve got to make sure that there aren’t any chicks nearby when you watch it because it is definitely not something that you want to watch with a girl…

But, that being said, Pandora’s Box STILL get’s my vote AS the #1 guide for men who want to date hot women! …(you can read all about the top pua books here)

It’s amazing… The thing is that you just need to get past the sales hype and actually get into the meat of the program – and once you do that, it totally kicks ass!

Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box Review – Is it good?

Yes,  it’s very, very, very good. The best part about it, in my opinion is that it’s based on real female psychology. You see, unlike alot of other PUA dating gurus, Vin actually researches these things and gets the real scientific low-down on how to attract and seduce women, or as he says “make her horny…” And then he takes those scientific findings and tests them out on hundreds of women to see exactly what works. So he basically double tests everything.

But the really cool part is that Vin has taken all this wisdom about what makes women tick and then created a system that any guy can use to tap into a chicks mind and attract her.

Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box Review – How Does It Work?

Here’s a look at how Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box works…

Basically, the idea is that there are 8 different types of women. and each type responds to different types of stuff from guys when you are trying to pick them up or get them into you. So, if you know what type of girl you are dealing with, then you will know what she is into and you’ll be able to talk to her the right way.

Honestly, I think it’s totally genius. I know from my own experience that different women respond totally differently to different kinds of approaches and flirting. I used to get super frustrated when I was younger because I’d try using the same type of game that i had just used on one girl on another girl and she wouldn’t really be feeling it… But then I learned that you really need to understand the woman you are trying to pick up so that you can relate to her the right way.

Vin’s concepts about these eight different personality types is dead on. I’ve read other reviews from guys saying that it’s not true, but I think they just didn’t really understand it. As far as I can tell it’s all on point.

In particular three of the types he talks about like the playette, the social butterfly and the connoisseur are exactly like my three last girlfriends, they match these “types” to a tee!

So, Vin explains these 8 personality types AND then he explains how to approach, flirt with, bond with, and date each of these 8 types. he even talks about what kind of sex each of these 8 types of women responds best to!

This information is truly cutting edge. This is not the type of stuff you find in the average PUA guide for picking up chicks. this is the kind of stuff that unlocks the box if you know what i’m saying… vin stands behind this product and fully guarantees that you will love every second of it. so if you are on the fence about picking up a copy I’d say you should go for it!

==> Watch The Pandora’s Box Video

To Purchase Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box click the link above — The video will appear and half way through the video a Buy Button will appear. This product has a comprehensive Money Back Guarantee

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