Andy Yosha And Yad – Day Game PUAs Crazy Vids!

by chadhooper on April 1, 2012

Happy April Fools Day yo,

Today I wanted talk more about picking up girls during the daytime. After all, spring is here, the winter coats are coming off, and it’s officially daygame season. In my Daygame Blueprint review I talked about Andy Yosha and Yad, a couple of guys who love meeting women during the day that they ceated a whole company based on teaching “daygame”…

Andy Yosha and Yad are pretty much the top daygame PUAs out there teaching this stuff. A lot of PUAs dabble in daytime pick up, but these guys are strictly teaching daygame pick up skills. In fact I heard andy Yosha quoted as saying that he doesn’t even try to pick up women at clubs because he just isn’t as comfortable in that environment…

This first video shows Andy Yosha and Yad chillin’ out in London and approaching women on the streets. I’ve never been to London, but I’ve got to say that DAMN, these chicks look good as hell! (If you are in a hurry check the second video down where Yad is sucking face with this cute European babe!)

I’ve got to admit something here… when I first took a look at these dudes I thought to myself NO WAY! No way that these dudes are pulling fine looking women on the streets… Okay, maybe Andy could, dude looks like a little swash-buckling pirate or something with that blonde ponytail.

But Yad? No offense but the dude reminded me of the guy Germaine from the Flight of The Corchords… But y’know what, the guy has MAD GAME! I know a lot of “slicker” looking guys who could never pull of the stuff that Yad does over and over and over again with sincerely attractive women – on film.

There are actually a lot of English guys like this who have surprising game. These guys have a couple other dudes in their company who also look like they would get passed over by women. They aren’t exactly what you might think of as “alpha” – but when they are in action, they rock it.

Below is an excellent example of Yad in action. Dude voraciously snacks on her face!


So this goes to show, you don’t need to look like a male model to walk up to a girl, start a conversation, get her number and make out with her.

I agree with what Yad says in the first video where he talks about how it’s all about having the right vibe and energy when you are talking to a girl that you approach on the street. If the vibe is right and you can get her to stop what she’s doing and talk to you it is really pretty easy to get the number, the insta-date, or even the kiss.

One of the most important things that I have learned about approaching women is that every woman secretly wants to live out a romantic comedy.

Whether she admits it or not, she’s seen the chick flicks and her ultimate fantasy is to have a man approach her during the day time as she goes about her business, and just sweep her off her feet.

These guys have created a whole system around this called the Daygame Blueprint. I’ve watched the whole program and I’ve got to say it’s the best and most comprehensive daygame pickup training program I’ve seen. You can read my full review here. Or click the link below to see it for yourself:

>>> The DayGame Blueprint Website <<<

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Guy Guides April 3, 2012 at 2:17 am

Haha he does look a little bit like Germaine from FOTC. Great video, liked the quality.

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